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Subsidies Anonymous
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Subsidies Anonymous is an email newsletter distributed by the Thoreau Institute. Back issues are listed here in reverse chronological order. A few issues may not be listed if they essentially duplicate other articles available on the Institute's web site.

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Review of the Forest Service's 2003 Budget Proposal

Why does Congress continue to give the Forest Service so much money when it does so little?

New Report on National Forest Gridlock

The Forest Service issues a rather self-serving report detailing what Chief Bosworth calls "analysis paralysis."

Bush Proposes Charter Forests

The 2003 USDA budget includes a proposal for something that sounds like pilot forests.

Try Pilot Projects

Secretaries of Agriculture and the Interior should try pilot projects on federal lands.

Don't Get Bogged Down in ANWR

The Bush Administration will lose credibility if it tries to drill for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.

No. 32-Review of the Forest Service's 1999 Budget Proposal

Includes proposals that would save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

No. 30-Is Conservation Biology a Science or a Religion?

A review of "The Idea of Biodiversity" by David Takacs

No. 28-The New Conservationists

Is the environmental movement fragmenting into conservationists and preservationists? 12-6-97

No. 27-ISTEA: A Poisonous Brew for American Cities

The law allocating federal highway funds is up for reauthorization--but as written, it promotes congestion and pollution. 11-22-97

No. 26-Rails No Solution for Traffic Snarls

Light- or heavy-rail lines actual promote congestion because they carry so few people yet divert resources from activities that can reduce congestion. 10-21-97

No. 25-Coming Soon to a City Near You

New Urban planning will significantly increase congestion, pollution, and other urban ills. 10-16-97

No. 24-Not Worth the Paper It's Printed On

The Forest Service releases the revised Tongass Forest plan. 8-28-97

No. 23-National Forest Timber Sale Receipts and Costs for 1995

Results for every national forest. 4-13-97

No. 22-Overview of the 1998 Forest Service Budget

The Forest Service produces much less yets spends about the same. 2-28-97

No. 21-Tongass National Forest Rip-Off Ends with a Bang

Louisiana-Pacific gains a windfall when it terminates the last long-term timber contract. 2-26-97

No. 20-Review of the Draft "Public Land Management Responsibility and Accountability Act"

Senator Larry Craig proposes to reform a sinking Forest Service, but ends up just rearranging the deck chairs. 1-28-97

No. 19-Wayne Forest Plan Overturned

A circuit court rules that the Forest Service has an incentive to overcut. 1-25-97

No. 18-The Salvage Sale Rider and the Knutson-Vandenburg Act

How the salvage sale rider influences forest managers; also, a book review of Forest Dreams, Forest Nightmares. 1-8-97

No. 17-The Forest Service Chief and the End of the U.S.D.A. Forest Service

Why the next Interior secretary is likely to take over the Forest Service. 1-6-97

No. 16-Why Metropolitan Planning Doesn't Work

Small is beautiful. 10-15-96

No. 15-Light Rail: Yesterday's Technology Tomorrow

Some people have been bamboozled into thinking that nineteenth-century technology makes sense for twenty-first century cities. 9-12-96

No. 14-Problems with Regional Planning

Regional government doesn't work. 8-26-96

No. 13-Analyzing the Forest Service's 1997 Budget

Are Americans getting their money's worth? 6-9-96

No. 12-The State of the Environmental Movement

The movement has become narrow and intolerant of dissent. 5-30-96

No. 11-The Dark Side of the Conservation Reserve Program

by Craig Knowles. 5-2-96

No. 10-The Fort Belknap Indian Reservation's Fish & Wildlife Program

by Craig Knowles. 4-23-96

No. 9-Timber Famine or Timber Glut?

Perennial predictions of timber famines never come true. 3-13-96

No. 8-The Effects of Global Warming on America's Forests

Global warming is likely to depress timber prices because it will make trees grow faster. 3-1-96

Issues 1 through 7 each covered multiple topics.

Number 7, 2-6-96

  1. Oregon Elects a New Senator
  2. Forest Service Study Criticizes Timber Yield Tables
  3. Understanding RPA Recreation Values
  4. Hatfield Proposes Fee Legislation

Number 6, 1-10-96

  1. National Parks and the Budget Impasse
  2. "National" vs. "Local" Control
  3. Environmental Group High Bidder for Timber Sale
  4. Responses to Forest Principles
  5. Fee Hunting as an Alternative to Livestock Grazing
  6. Animal Damage Control Report from General Accounting Office

Number 5, 12-1-95

  1. Status of Range Reform
  2. The Draft 1995 RPA Program
  3. The Seventh American Forest Congress
  4. Means vs. Ends
  5. Recent GAO and CRS Reports

Number 4, 11-9-95

  1. Statement of Forest Principles
  2. The Outlook for Forest Reform
  3. National Forest Reform Act of 1996
  4. New Book on Public Lands

Number 3, 10-2-95

  1. Update on Public Rangelands
  2. Books for Libertarian Environmentalists
  3. Update on National Parks
  4. Defending Public Lands

Number 2, 9-6-95

  1. Update on Recreation User Fees
  2. How to Talk to Conservatives
  3. Book Review: Forfeiting Our Property Rights
  4. The Replicator Society

Number 1, 8-10-95

  1. Introduction to Subsidies Anonymous
  2. Update on Reinventing the Forest Service
  3. The Subsidies Anonymous Pledge
  4. Update on Recreation User Fees
  5. The Subsidies Anonymous Twelve-Step Program
  6. Update on Reforming the Park Service
  7. Essay on Polarization
  8. Update on Public Land Grazing
  9. Preview of Summer Different Drummer

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